Friday, 12 June 2015

Women's Hairstyle through the Years


The 20s saw the trend of a short blunt bob hair, especially among the young flapper girls.


The hair was longer but shorter than a shoulder length and women started curling their hair. Finger waves were popular and so was sausage curls and pin curls.


The hair kept on growing longer and there were curled up in fashionable hairnets.


Hair was curled, the poodle cut was introduced and the ponytail were finished off with a cute ribbon.


The 60s saw the most change in hair with pixie cuts, beehives and long tousled waves.


Big wavey hair with central parting was the trend of the 70s with lots of hairspray and blow drier.


The hair got bigger, crimping and backcombing was popular among both guys and ladies.

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