Wednesday, 17 September 2014

5 DIY Balloon Decoration Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is approaching fast, apart from dressing up and trick or treat, its the time of the year to decorate your house as spooky and scary as you want so why not use balloons to do it. We have collected some of the easiest DIY balloon decoration ideas for Halloween here:

Balloon faces

Create a scary monster or pumpkin by drawing on a balloon with a sharpie or permanent marker.

You can even create eyeballs with the use of colour markers, Get the diy from Paper Plate and Plane blog.

Source: Paper Plate and Plane

Glow Balloons

If you want to go further than just drawing on the balloons, put in a glow stick in a white balloon or coloured balloons to make the faces pop and looking great during the night. 

source: She Knows

Balloon Ghost 

Simply drape fabric or tissue paper over the balloons, paste on black eyes and hang them with a thread to create ghostly figures. 

Balloon Spiders

Use a black balloon as the body of the spider and black crepe paper for its long 8 legs and paste it on the wall. Click here for the diy. 

Balloon Pumpkin 

This one is simple to do, just get yourself some orange balloon, tie a green curling ribbon around on all the sides to make it look like a pumpkin. 

If you are not one for DIY, then there are lots of Halloween balloons in store for all your decoration needs. 

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