Tuesday, 25 November 2014

5 DIY Balloon Decoration Ideas for Christmas

29 days to go for Christmas, have you decked your halls yet? If you are thinking of decorations, why not add in some fun balloons, here we present some DIY balloon decoration ideas for the festive season.

Christmas Lights 

Turn balloons into Christmas lights by adding in a cup or a cut out card board on the bottom and tying it all together on the ceiling. 
source: That is Really Pinteresting

Christmas Ornament Balloons

Turn a 36" balloons into ornaments by following this quick tutorial on Studio DIY.

source: Studio DIY

Balloon Candy

Christmas is the time to indulge which for kids are loads of candies so its fun to create a candy themed decor by wrapping up blown up balloons with a clear cellophane paper and tying a ribbon on both ends. 

If you want to go for the lollipop, wrap the balloon with the cellophane but tie it on one side and place it on top of a white pipe. Get a detailed instruction from Trendy Tree. 

Balloon Wreath

Use up your discarded birthday balloons to create a balloon wreath for your door either use festive colours of green and red or a multi-colored ones add in more fun.

source: How Does She

Ice Lanterns/ Marbles 

As the temperature gets colder, use it to your advantage by making this awesome ice lanterns from balloons. You just need to fill the balloons with water, freeze them either in the freezer or if temperature permits, put them outside; cut the balloon out and use a battery operated tea light to illuminate them outside. Get the detailed instruction from One Little Project.

source: One Little Project
Add food colouring to the water before freezing them to get colourful marbles.

All the above DIY are created using latex balloons, you can get them here. If DIY is not your thing, then there are plenty of Christmas foil and latex balloons here.

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