Wednesday, 17 December 2014

5 DIY Christmas Party Decor

7 more nights to go for Christmas. Hoping all of you have got your gift sorted out as well as your Christmas parties. If you are organizing a Christmas party and want to get ideas on party decor, then you have come to the right place. We have collected some easy to do party decor to make your party a festive affair.

A Fun Candy Christmas Tree

Get instruction on how to make it from 'Lookie What I Did' blog.

Festive Napkins

A Christmas tree napkins would add a touch of festivity to your dinner, get more ideas on napkin decor here at Amazing Interior Design. 

Candy Cane Name Holders

All you need for this DIY is candy cane with the colour of your choice and hot glue gun to glue them into stand upside down, get more inspiration from the Ciao! Newport Beach blog.

Snowman Door

Wouldn't it be great to welcome your guests to the party through a snowman door? Get instruction on it from the Creative Stamper blog.

Artificial Snow

It wouldn't really feel like Christmas without a bit of snow, would it? Even if mother nature fails, you can make your own snow, get the instruction here from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

 Have fun DIY-ing!

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