Friday, 9 January 2015

Fancy Dress Ideas from Upcoming Movies of 2015

We are looking forward to new movies releases in 2015 for all our new fancy dress ideas because there are some major blockbusters on its way to the cinemas.

First off, the Avengers are back on the Age of Ultron with all the cast in April. There are plenty of superhero fancy dress ideas from this movie whether you dress up as Iron Man or Hulk.

Secondly, the long awaited return of the Star Wars franchise is set to release in December which is a long wait but then, don't let it stop you for organizing a star wars fancy dress party and watch all the Star Wars series, you have got about 6 episodes to catch up on. 

Get all the details on throwing a Star Wars party on: Star Wars Party for May the 4th


Another franchise hitting the big screen this year is Jurassic World. You can dress up as an explorer running among the dinosaurs or don dinosaur masks for this installment set to be released in May.

For kids, there is a live action movie of Cinderella out on March and the beloved Minions are back with their own feature length movie in the summer.

Why not throw a minion party, get all the details on our blog post a while back on: Party Theme: Minions


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