Thursday, 21 May 2015

Summer Party Ideas

The weather is looking nice so why not plan a summer party on the weekends, here are a list of summer party theme ideas you can do:

What better way to beat the heat, then throwing a under the sea party. Do a bottled invitations, get creative with sea food and have fun with the decor, get more information from our under the sea party theme blog.

Throw in a movie night in your backyard for the warm summer nights. You can loan a projector or do this handy DIY with an iphone or ipad for projecting movies onto a white blanket. Get popcorn, blankets and cushion, go for a movie theme or just watch any favourites, its guaranteed to be loads of fun. Check out our movie night blog for more inspiration.

Bring the circus to your place with a carnival themed party, all you need are carnival style games for all your guests to compete at. Here are the list of some outdoor games you can do.

For all the BBQ fans, a wild west themed party is right up your alley, use cactus or cardboard cutout of wild west for decoration and have some tin can shoot up games for fun. Here are more inspiration from our wild west blog.

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