Thursday, 3 December 2015

Nativity Children Costumes

Its December and its that time of the year when school stages nativity plays, so we've put a blog on all the costumes we have in store and online so its sorted. Some of the characters are: 


Mary, mother of Jesus is seen wearing a white and blue coloured dress and holds baby Jesus. 


Joseph, husband of Mary is a shepherd and is usually wearing shepherd clothing and a wooden cane.

The Three Wise Men

The Wise Men are kings or elders, so are usually dressed in long cloaks of different colours to seperate them with crowns on their head and is usually holding gifts for baby Jesus.

The Star

The Star mainly guides the wise men to follow or for the angel to point to.

The Angel

The Angel is shown guiding the wise men in some nativities, wearing a white dresses with wings upon their back and a halo above their head. 

Stable Animals

For more Christmas costumes or party decor :

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