Saturday, 13 February 2016

10 of the funniest Valentine's Day Cards you could receive.

Valentine's Day comes once every year and each year most of us buy our partner's gifts, cards and flowers in a competition of who can be the mushiest partner of all. 

Some people celebrate Valentine's Day in a different way some calling it "Single Awareness Day" and go out with other single friends.

Some boycott the holiday altogether.

And then some just set out to make everyone laugh. Whether it's with their honesty, pop culture references or use of cheesy puns. I have chosen 10 of my personal favourite funny Valentine's Day cards.

Admit it! You laughed at this!
For those fans of Transformers this the perfect Valentine's Day card.

For those who are brutally honest.

You can't beat a good pun.

This a very serious declaration of love if I've seen one before.
Is there a single holiday where you can't make fun of Kanye West?

Who said that honesty was the best policy?

Personally my favourite.

No explanation needed here.

Personally I don't know whether I'd feel happy 
or frightened to receive a card like this.

I really am a sucker for a pun.

This one took me a little longer to process than it should have done.

Have you seen any hilarious Valentine's Day cards that I've missed?
Please share them with us.

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