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5 April Fools Day Pranks For Next April Fools Day

5 April Fools Day Pranks For Next April Fools Day

What is April Fools Day?

April Fools Day or All Fools Day is a national holiday which takes place on the 1st of April in which individuals and organisations play pranks on other individuals or the general public as a whole.

The roots of April Fools Day can be traced back to Geoffrey Chaucer's novel "The Canterbury Tales" which is the earliest example of the 1st of April and foolishness

Lars Anderson (2001)

Top 5 April Fools Day Pranks

As this April Fools Day has finally finished and the world can breath a sigh of relief we can look pranks that we can pull off next year. Here are my five favourite April Fools Day Pranks.

5. Rotating someone's monitor

This prank is perfect for the office where colleagues aren't as computer literate as they make out on their CVs. In order to rotate their screen's hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys and use the Arrow Keys to determine if the monitor displays upside down, 90o or 270o.

4. Redecorate someone's car

This prank may take that little bit of extra time but it will be certainly worth it.

Buy A LOT of sticky notes and you're ready to go!

However I must remind you at this point, this prank should be undertaken at your own risk and Fun 'N' Frolic will not be held accountable.

3. The Good Ole Air Horn Gag

Air Horns have to be the WORST invention in the world if you're on the other end of one. If you are the one in control they are the BEST. The air horn gag can be pulled in a number of different ways such as taping one to the bottom of a desk chair, to the side of the wall nearest the door or jumping out a people or the lovely example illustrated in the GIF image.

2. Cracked Phone Screen

This is an prank I contemplated this morning when thinking of ways to fool my girlfriend who had just got a new phone.

In this ever changing world we live in where the smart phone is king, a cracked screen is more of a scary thought than walking into a party and finding someone else dressed in the same outfit as you.

There are many apps that allow you to give the illusion that a phone screen has cracked realistically.

This prank may take a lot of planning to perfect but you've got a year to plan.

1. Autocorrect!

Image courtesy of Mashable
This is my personal favourite because I know it would irritate the hell out of me! This prank can be carried out on both PC and a Mobile Device. My personal suggestion would be correct simple words that are used often such as "that" or "the". On an iPhone go into Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement, once you're there replace away.

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