Friday, 15 July 2016

Ultimate Festival Guide: Festival Fancy Dress Ideas

Festival Season is here!

It's the summertime and the living is easy and what's more you have the opportunity to travel to a field and watch and experience your favourite artists all in one weekend! Whether you're into Pop, Rock, Metal, Dance or Folk you can rest assured that there is a festival for you. Festivals are a time to let loose, be one with nature and dress as silly as you like!

We've compiled this list of ultimate Festival Fancy Dress Costumes to help you choose the perfect festival outfit! Our list contains the most popular and most outrageous costumes as well as specialised themed outfits for festivals such as Bestival and Rewind Festival.


Bestival is famous for it's annual fancy dress theme as well as its all star line up with this year's including the likes of The Cure, Wiz Khalifa, Fatboy Slim and Bastille. This year's theme is the Future which is a great as it allows you to use your imagination and get creative with your costume. Whether you choose to be an Alien, an Astronaut, Mr Spock or yourself in 30 years time, no one can tell you you're doing it wrong.

Here's our top picks for Bestival's Futuristic Theme

Alien Agent Costume
Web Price: 
Granny Bun Wig
Web Price: 
Star Trek Shirt
Web Price:
The Matrix
Web Price:
Robotic Second Skin
Web Price: 

Camp Bestival

Similar to it's older brother Bestival, the organisers of Camp Bestival have decided to go with a Space Theme this year. Just like space there's galaxies and galaxies of ideas to choose from.

Here's our top picks for Camp Bestival

Spaceman Costume
Web Price:
Buzz Lightyear
Web Price:
Darth Vader
Web Price:
Uhura Star Trek
Web Price:
Web Price:

Rewind South Festival

Rewind Festival has really outdone itself this year! It's line-up includes 80's superstars such as Adam Ant, Earth Wind and Fire and the King of Dad Dancing himself Rick Astley. As always Rewind's 80's theme is awash with bright colours, crazy hairstyles and nostalgia flying at you from every possible angle.

Here's our most "Radical" picks for Rewind!

Web Price:
Blonde Crimp Wig
Web Price:
Sonic The Hedgehog
Web Price:
Workout Costume
Web Price:
Rubik's Cube
Web Price:

*Ghostbuster costume also avaliable in Female, Childrens and Plus Size Mens

Reading and Leeds Festival

One of the biggest joint North/South festivals has crept up on us on again and how happy we are here at Fun 'N' Frolic to see it again. This year's line up may be it's greatest yet with the one of the kind Red Hot Chilli Peppers headlining the main stage.

Here's our recommendations for Reading and Leeds Festival

Hot Dog Costume
Web Price:
Shark Bite Costume
Web Price:
Glam Rock Guitar
Web Price:
Sumo Wrestler
Web Price:
Ride Em Inflatable
Web Price:

If you find yourself at loose end at Reading this year, feel free to pop in and see us at Fun 'N' Frolic, we're only down the road y'know.

Most Popular Festival Fancy Dress Costume Is:

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