Monday, 3 October 2016

What To Wear This Halloween

What to Wear
This Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us once again and between you and me, I can't wait! The problem is making the important choice of costume
There's no denying it, Halloween is the hands down the best holiday of the year! Sorry Saint Nick but it's the truth and you'll have to deal with it.
Sad Santa
What To Where For Halloween

Day Of The Dead

This Mexican Style has taken the world by storm over the last couple of years and can say with confident there will be a number of people made up with sugar skulls come October 31st.

Senorita Costume
Price: £39.99

El Senor Costume
Price: £19.99


"It's in your head, in your he-e-e-ead, Zombie! Zombie! Zomb-i-i-i-eeeee!".

Jail Bird Costume
Price: £13.99

High Priest Costume
Price: £12.99


Whether you go white or white sheet, dressing in a Ghost costume will always score you top marks at any Halloween Party!

Ghost Costume
Price: £16.99

Ghost Ship Princess
Price: £33.99

Horror Movie Characters

Whether you're the villain or the victim you'll be praised and recognised by your peers.

Freddy Costume
Price: £22.79

Chucky Costume
Price: £37.99

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