Friday, 4 November 2016

10 Fireworks that will make you the talk of your street!

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The 5th of November is quickly approaching! Do you have what it takes to put on the best Firework Display your entire street has ever seen?
We believe in you! You just need a push in the right direction!

Choosing your Fireworks can be an impossible task if you don't know your Candle Batteries from your Rockets, but fear not we've got you!

Here's 10 Fireworks that guarantees that your Firework Display will be the talk of the street!

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Merry Berrys!

Fast paced and pure fun is the name of the game with this 25 Shot cake. Brilliant Red Stars followed by crackling Dragon Eggs fill the sky as Merry Berry's lights up the night and puts a smile on everyone's face.

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A brilliant 50 shot cake with amazing effects and an astounding price. Same size as Statburst, and just as fantastic.

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A superb back garden firework with pace and effects to dazzle your family and friends. Manta is a straight up, all bangs firework with purple and silver glitter, brilliant lemon coloured stars, gold willow and blue starts and a finale of peach and lemon stars with silver glitter.

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Bandicoot is an outstanding firework with effects to match. Firing straight up with Red stars and Silver Glitter, Green tip brocades, Gold flitter, red tip brocades with purple and even dragon eggs and all in your back garden.

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Oriental Emporer!

A superb 2-1/2 minute display, starting with comet tailed bombette bursts, changing to angled screaming silver whistles, followed by larger calibre shell bursts of colour then onto a crescendo of shellbursts, then changing to a fan of amazing comet tails

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Killer Scorpion 25 Shot!

25 Large bore tubes producing sky filling bursts of multi-colour glittering palms and crackles

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Imperial Brocade- 20 Shot!

an exceptional 20 Shot Category 2 firework that takes the spectacular Brocade Crown effect to another level. Mixing the thick gold brocades with sequences of coloured stars makes this a real connoisseur’s firework.

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O.m.g - 25 Shot!

the name says it all! This colossal 25 Shot large bore Category 3 display firework has it all, thick glitter tails on the way up breaking into a mix of vibrant Multi-Coloured Effects featuring Willows, Brocades and Dragon Eggs with fantastic Blues, Greens and Reds. O.M.G. also features dual fusing for added safety.

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Ballistic Rocket Pack!

Ballistic is 1.3G pack of 5 20g Category 2 rockets, each with different colourful effects. Packaged in resealable mesh, the outer back can be stored as 1.4G.

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G Force Wheel!

Effects: Yellow colour to green to red to silver shower.

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