Monday, 4 August 2014

Costume Ideas for Rewind Festival

Rewind Festival South, is on its way on the weekend of 15th - 17th August at Henley-On-Thames which got us thinking about putting on our best 80's costume.The 80's was a decade of excess: big hair, accessories and colors. There are loads of iconic look from the era you can choose from, here are some of our selection:

80's Costume for Women


From L to R: Ms Anarchist Costume, Shell Suit Costume, 80s Wild Child Costume, Glam Rock Chick Costume all at

80's Costume for Men


From L to R: Mr Anarchist Costume, Shell Suit Costume, Pimp Daddy Costume, Glam Rocker Costume, all at

80's Fun Costume


You can also try going as characters from 80's movie, the decade was amass with great movies such as E.T (1982), Beetlejuice (1988) and more or you can go as a game character like the classic Rubik's Cube or Pac Man. 
From L to R: Humbug Suit (to portray Beetlejuice, a classic 80's movie), Rambo Costume, E.T Costume, Rubik's Cube Costume, all at

 If you are still stuck on what to wear, head onto this list for more ideas or follow our pinterest board: 

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