Friday, 1 August 2014

Party DIY: Photobooth

Nowadays photo booths are all the rage in any event. If you don't want to spend loads on rental booth, you can create a simple one yourselves.

Here is a checklist of materials you will need:
Digital Camera
Camera Tripod
Painter's Tape
Remote Shutter Release


A basic digital camera works well for a DIY photobooth but you will need a tripod tall enough to extend to eye level and a remote shutter release (available cheaply online or at camera shops). A remote shutter release allows guests to take their own photo. Make sure to turn your camera's flash on if you are photographing in a dark area or place a floor lamp beside the camera facing the backdrop for lightning purposes.


You can get creative with the backdrop. You can make it with fabric or table cloth or theme related with scene setters. Scene setters is mostly used to turn your room into any party theme but you can make a part of it as a backdrop for your photobooth.
Scene setters
Wildlife scene setters
Another way to create a backdrop is to use cut outs of various theme related items or celebrity.


What makes photo booth heaps of fun are the variety of props you can use.  Get your hands on fancy dress accessories: feathered boas, quirky hats, glasses, scarfs, inflatables, necklaces; there are lots of ideas to use, you can narrow it down according to the theme or era.

Printable props are also available online here.

Shop online here for all fancy dress accessories you can use.


Choose a location for the photobooth where people can easily walk through, a hallway is ideal; you'll need a space big enough to accommodate the camera,  the backdrop and the maximum number of people ideally up to 5.


Once you have chosen the location, clear the wall decor and furniture. Use tape or blu tack to put up your backdrop.

Mount the camera on the tripod and place it a few feet away from the wall. Frame the shot and angle the camera accordingly. Try out a few photographs on  someone and using the tape, mark the spot on the floor for the tripod and the center and outer limits where guests can stand for photos. Set up remote shutter release and test before the party begins.

Here is an image of how you can set it up minus the lightning: 
Source: Photography Centre
Assemble the prop on a table at the entrance of the photo-booth and create a simple signboard with instructions for the guests to follow. 

Happy Shooting!

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