Thursday, 5 February 2015

Checklist for the Swinging 50s Look

1950s ladies fashion are easily recognized in the modern era because of the fun and flirty nature it embodied with the swing dresses and the pencil skirt. There are plenty of fashion to choose from the 50s and if you are going to a 50s theme party,we have put together a checklist to create the look:


The dresses of the 50s were either with swing skirt or pencil skirt. The swing skirt had lots of fabrics in them with pleats in varying colours and pattern while the pencil skirt dresses were tailored to obtain an hourglass figure. There were wide collars and puffy shoulders. The daytime hemline stopped around the knee, but evening dresses were usually long, flowing and to the ankle.



Gloves played an important role in 1950s fashion. Women wore long gloves when they wanted to look ultra fashionable and glamourous in different colours and style.
source: Retro Waste


The 1950s saw the rise in popularity of the stiletto heel but other style of shoes also took prominence. There were penny loafers, saddles shoes, ballet shoes and women also enjoyed a wide variety of sandals and slippers. A couple other popular styles from the 1950s include squaw mocassins, wedges and boots. However the boots weren't high, tight leather kind. They were fur-lined work style boots.
source: Vintage Dancer


Women preferred the short-strapped handbags in the 1950s that stayed close to the body in variety of materials.

source: Retro Waste

Make up and Hair

Here is a look at the hair and make up of the 50s.

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