Monday, 23 February 2015

Top 10 Easy Photobooth Backdrop Ideas


Tape real or fake flowers to a plain background paper or wall for an instant photo backdrop.
source: Ali Harper


You can either use latex balloons and tape it to the wall or use helium filled foil balloons by arranging them at different heights or use letter foil balloons to spell out a message.


Ribbon/ Streamers

Use colourful ribbons or streamers by hanging them on the background to make an effortless but colourful backdrop.
source: Hey Look

Pennant Banner/ Bunting

Decorate the background with bunting. You can decorate it like you want to by criss crossing two or three with each other or adding in different sizes.
source: Wedding Chicks

Wrapping paper/ Wallpaper

Patterned wrapping paper or wallpaper can make a great backdrop for photos. You can either hang the roll on the wall and roll out the paper or stick it on to a board and hang them on the wall.

Newspaper/ Book pages

If you want a more classic feel to the backdrop, use newspaper to give a retro feel.

source: Studio DIY, Best Friend For Frosting

Paper Fans

Get the paper fans and hang them on different heights with different colours. Use the DIY at 'You Are My Fave' to create this elegant piece.
source: You Are My Fave

Chain Wall

Chain wall are really easy to make plus makes an adorable backdrop. Follow the DIY at Bespoke-Bride.


Use discarded vintage frames as a photo prop or hang them on the wall for a vintage feel.


Lights would look like an art installation in any photo backdrop.

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