Friday, 19 June 2015

Festival Guide: Glitter Make Up

Festival season is upon us and to stand out from the crowd, whats better way than to add glitter to your make up list and there is no other place, where you can rock glitter make up and don't look out of place. Here are some inspiration we collected for you to rock those glitters this festival season:

Glitter Eyes: 

You can either put it in the upper lid or lower lid or both, it adds a fun colourful alternative to face paint. Rub either an eyeshadow primer or a vaseline and use a brush to dab the glitter on and finish off with a makeup setting spray.

Eyebrows are a bold statement nowadays, so why not glitter-fy them, setting the glitter is a bit tricky but you can view the easy DIY on Beautylish.

Glitter Hair

I recommend you do this on the last day of the festival as you can rinse it off as soon as you get home and don't have to deal with it for a long time.  Apply the glitter with a hair gel and you can go to Rainbow Hair Colour for an easy tutorial.

Glitter Nails

If you are not one for face or hair glitter, add subtle glitter by putting it on your nails, here is a quick snapshot of how to do it: 


Get glitter gel or glitters here:

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