Thursday, 9 July 2015

5 DIY Balloon Ideas

If you have unused balloons from a party, save them for your next party or you can do one of these easy DIYs.


You can use different materials, glitter, buttons and even chocolate. Get the tutorial here.

source: Sad to Happy Project

Lamp shade

Use threads or even twigs to create lamp shade out of balloons.

source: Stylish Eve

Ice pack

Frozen water balloons can be used to display as well as cool drinks for your next party
source: Create Craft Love


Use balloons to tweak your old vases. 

source: Stylish Eve

Party Favours

Use balloons to store party favours for your next party, fill them with water or blow them up with air. You can use them instead of pinatas for a fun party game.

source: The Gunny Sack

source: Paging Fun Mums

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