Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Classic Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a month away but we have already started stocking Halloween costumes in store and online as its our biggest night of the year. For Halloween costume, you can never go wrong with the classics, so here we have five classic costumes that are the epitome of Halloween.


This is the easiest one to do if you got a white sheet to drape yourself over with holes for the eyes or you could go with the white face paint and a costume for the ghostly look.

Witches & Cat

The witches and the cat costume are always going to be the one to go for ladies, all you need is a black dress, a witch's hat and a broom. For the guys, you can opt for a wizard ensemble. A cat, being the witch's familiar is easy to create with the cat kit which includes cat ears and tails.


You can never go wrong with being a skeleton in Halloween.


Be a blood sucker this Halloween with a classic Transylvanian inspired costume, fangs and fake blood.


The zombie costume has grown in popularity over the years, all you need is your regular clothes or a pre-made costume, fake blood and a ghostly make up look.

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