Friday, 9 October 2015

Halloween Monster Costumes

We are going old school monster this week for Halloween. Here are five classic monster you can channel this year, easily recognizable and easy to find costumes.

Dracula/ Vampire

The blood sucking monster weren't always the shining beings of today, they were thought to be a menace sucking blood of living creatures at night fall. Channel them with an old Victorian costume or give it a modern twist but don't forget a white pasty complexion, fangs and some fake blood.


Transform into a hairy monster with super human strength with the Werewolf costume. All you need is a wolf mask, hairy hands and feet, some torn clothes and you are good to go.


Rock out in Frankenstein costumes as a couple. All you need is green face paint and some make up skills to bring the monster to life.


Mummy are the zombie of the past except they are bound with white strips of fabric. All you need is a white fabric, cut it up into section and bound yourself with it and you have to get that mummy walk down to part.

Sea Monster

We're talking about the Creatures from the Black Lagoon here or you can DIY some crazy sea monster with your own imagination, don't forget to add in scales and fin.

Get all your face paints and fake blood here and all the Halloween costumes and decor you can get your hands on here.

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