Friday, 19 August 2016

5 Things You Can Wear To Reading Festival

Reading Festival is just one week away and as I look out of window I can see the event being set up. I can even see the Main Stage from my window. The weather forecast looks promising with high's of 26°C. 

It's no secret that Music Festivals are the ideal occasions to dress up as ridiculous as humanly possible. So we have included our silliest fancy dress costumes could you can wear to Reading Festival.

1. A Morphsuit

You can never go wrong with a Morphsuit. 

The best thing about Morphsuits is that they come in all different colours and styles. You can even get a superhero ones such as Iron Man, Ant Man and Spiderman.

Yellow Morphsuit
Price: £32.99
Tiger Morphsuit
Price: £44.99

2. A Poncho

It's England, don't trust the weather. 

Giraffe Poncho
Price: £32.99
Parrot Poncho
Price: £11.99

3. A Superhero Costume

Because you can. 

Always be yourself... unless you can be Deadpool then be Deadpool.

Superman Costume
Price: £45.59
Wonder Woman
Price: £48.99

4. A Silly Hat

"I wear a Stetson now, Stetsons are cool". 

The sillier the hat the better. I made many friends at Download by wearing a Sombrero.

Leprechaun Hat
Price: £3.99
Clown Hat
Price: £3.99

4. A Hilarious Costume

Try saying "A Hilarious Costume" quickly, it's harder than you think. 

The funniest costumes are always the most memorable.

Shark Bite Costume
Price: £28.89
Penguin Costume
Price: £23.99

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