Friday, 5 August 2016

DIY Suicide Squad Costumes

The Joker

What you'll need:

Green Hair Spray

Green Hair Spray is very easy to get your hands on. At Fun 'N' Frolic we sell Green Hair Spray for as little as £1.89. 

Black, Red and White Make Up

For the Joker's iconic black white and red complexion, I suggest using our Pirate Make Up Set which is made up of black, white and red. The white will be used to create the Joker's white skin, the black will be used around the eyes and the red for the Joker's lips.

Temporary Tattoos

The Suicide Squad Film interpretation of the Joker is quite different from the traditional Joker seen in the comic books, one major difference is amount of tattoos. The traditional Joker has none (to my knowledge) whilst the Joker portrayed by Jared Leto is plastered in them. If you fancy yourself as a good tattoo artist you can draw on these tattoos with Black Make Up Crayons, if not I'd suggest using the 59p tattoos found here.

A Suit Of Your Choice

Thoughout promotional videos of this incarnation of the Joker, he is seen in many different costumes including a white suit, a tuxedo and wearing a Purple full length coat. My personal favourite is the white suit hence why I've chosen to show the Joker in it. The great thing about this Joker is that thanks to his recongnisable psychopathic face, it doesn't actually matter what clothes you wear. The suit pictured can be purchased by following this link.

Harley Quinn

What you'll need:

Blue and Red Hair Extensions or Coloured Hair Spray

To get the perfect Harley Quinn's hair perfectly I would suggest using Pinky Red and Aqua Blue hair extensions. Or as an alternative using Coloured Hair Spray.

Blue, Red, Black Make Up

For Harley's face use the blue and pink for her "tears" and using black eyeshadow for around the eyes.

Snazaroo 18ml Sky Blue
Snazaroo 18ml Face Paint Bright Pink

Buy Now

Baseball T-Shirt

Avaliable from any clothing retailer.

Hot Pants, Shorts or Black Leggings

Fishnet Tights (optional)

Gun and Holster (optional)

This Gun and Holster could be worn similarly to the way that Harley wears hers.
Authentic Western Wandering Gunman Belt & Holster

Red Jacket (optional)

El Diablo

What you'll need:

Plain White Vest

Avaliable at your local clothing retailer.

Black Make Up

The black make up will be used for El Diablo's tattoos. The Make Up Crayons would be ideal for the smaller detailing of El Diablo's face whilst the Black Face Paint would be better for the larger areas of the face such as around the eyes.
Make-Up Sticks in 5 Colours

Bald Wig

If you're lucky enough to have all your hair, then you're gonna need a bald wig.

Bald, Skin Head

Have you got any Suicide Squad DIY ideas to share? Why not share them with us by commenting below. Thank you for reading and don't forget to share!

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