Monday, 30 June 2014

Party Theme: Movie Night

There is nothing better than to organize a party watching your favourite movies with your friends and its even better doing it outdoors when its a warm evening but if the weather is not on your side, you can still have fun watching indoors.


The movie night party needs a big screen to watch the movies on so you may have to consider equipment needed to set it all up.
You'll need:

  • a LCD projector
  • laptop/ DVD player
  • Speakers 
  • Screen 
If you don't own a projector, you can rent it from the local schools or online or if you are good at DIY then you can make your own using a cardboard box, magnifying glass, tape and your mobile phone, get the tutorial here. 

You can either rent out a screen as well or get handy with a plain white cloth or wall for the background. Make sure to set up all the equipment in advance so that everything is working and ready to go for the party and to put all the cables away so that no one trips on it. 


Decide on a movie depending on your guests taking into consideration if the party is for kids. There are lots of great summer movies you can pick from. Here is a list of 50 greatest summer movies.


The most likely invite for a movie themed party is a ticket stub, you can add in the movie names, location and the time. 


Go for clapper board, movie reel banners, movie posters for decorations.

For seating outdoors, go for pillows, blankets or lawn chairs. Invite your guests to bring their own if you are short on seats. 


. Get all your movie treats: popcorn, chocolates, crisps and soda. 


If you are going for a particular movie, then guests can arrive in the movie characters' fancy dress or you can opt for general movies and guest can come in as their favourite movie character. Fancy dress always makes a party a whole lot fun if everyone commits to it. Here are some of the movie costumes at Fun 'N' Frolic.
(1) Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume from Toy Story (2) Adult Captain Jack Sparrow Costume from Pirates of the Carribean (3)Adult Belle Costume from Beauty and the Beast  (4) Hellboy Costume  from Hellboy
 (5) Gothic Swan Masquerade Costume from Black Swan (6) Child Wilma Flinstone Costume  from The Flintstones(7) Child Deluxe Spiderman Costume from Spiderman (8) Child Wonder Woman Costume  from Wonder Woman(9) Child Deluxe Quidditch Robe Costume from Harry Potter

With or without fancy dress, movie themed party is always a great fun outdoors or indoors and is very easy to organize. If you are planning on doing one or have other ideas, then leave us a comment below. 

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