Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer Party Theme: Wild West

BBQ season is here despite the ever changing weather and a great theme for a bbq party is an authentic Wild West theme party and to make it easier for all to organize, we are going to rope in everything you need:


Wanted posters as invitation works wonder for the theme, include a photo of the host with all the party details. 


Turn your party venue into a saloon. Hang wanted posters on the wall featuring pictures of the various guests rendered in sepia tones. Accompany each photo with a humorous nickname and description of the individual's crimes. Cover tables with chequered table cloths. Use bandanna as napkins and secure with a plastic sheriff's badge. Use playing cards as guest name cards. 

Use cactus cardboard cut out or inflatable around the room or use them as table centrepieces, depending on their size. 


BBQ style grub works perfectly for this theme. Think spare ribs, hot dogs, burgers, chicken drumsticks, potato wedges and garlic bread. 

Dress Code

This theme is the easiest to dress up for. There are a range of  wild west costumes available: 
From left to right: Cowboy Leather CostumeFringe Cowgirl Costume, Authentic Western Sheriff CostumeFever Wild West Costume, Cowboy Costume, Rodeo Cowgirl Costume, all at 
For the kiddies, we have this wonderful pair: 
Ropin Cowboy Costume(left),Cowgirl Sweetie Costume (right) , at

If you don't want to go the head-to-toe fancy dress route then opt for chequered shirt, jeans, cowboy hats, bandanna and moustache (for guys) for that that authentic western look. 


  •  Tin can shoot- line up some empty bottles on a box outside and get people to take in turns to shoort them down with a water pistol. 
  • Piñata- there are various shape piñata that can work with a particular theme and its a great game for everyone to enjoy
  • Cowboy lasso- using a smaller hula hoop or only a rope, children and adult alike can try to rope the neck of a wooden horse or other chosen object.
Shop all the wild west ranges by clicking on the cart: 

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