Monday, 2 June 2014

5 DIY Balloon Decoration Ideas

Floating Effects 

Release a cluster of helium filled balloons on the roof to create amazing effects but make sure the strings are long enough so you can take them down. You can also tie photos to the floating balloons as shown in this DIY at wedding chicks.

If you are celebrating outside, just tie down the balloons on the lawn to create an effect of balloon forest.

source: Green Garden Blog

Table Decor

A balloon bouquet can be created to put on the centre or place individual balloon for a place card, tying it behind the chair or on goody bags, the balloons are going to add fun to the venue.

source: Pen & Paper Flowers

source: Catch my party

Balloon Garlands 

Join the balloons together to create a festive atmosphere  by hanging the  balloons together with a thread.
source: Trusper

Balloon Wall/ Backdrop  

Create a wall full of balloons by taping them or weighing them down at different heights, it can be used as a cool backdrop for photos or to separate up the venue into different sections.
source: Apartment Therapy
Learn how to create this floating balloon hearts via Studio DIY. 
source: Studio DIY
If you don't want to go for the helium ones, then just blow up the balloons and simply tape them on the wall as shown below.

Giant Balloons Streamers 

Giant balloons can be a fun addition to the party by hanging streamers or ribbons on it.

source: 100 Layer Cake Let

If you want to do any of this decorations at your event, then drop in store or give us a call at 0800 294 1130. We have all the balloons in stock ranging from latex balloons to foil and even the giant 3 feet balloons. For more balloon decoration ideas, follow our pinterest board:

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