Friday, 30 May 2014

Women's Hats Through the Years


The 'Clouche' style dominated the 20s, this deep-crown hat comes down low over the eyes and has either a thin brim or no brim at all.  Brims were usually utilised only on summer hats, where the brim acted as a visor from the sun's rays. 


Th wartime 40's saw a huge variety of hats that were suitable for any face shape, hairstyle or personal preference. There was explosions of decorations such as feathers, veiling and artificial flowers on the hats. The 'Doll' hat, a very small hat that perched on the very front of the forehead, revived Victorian styles. 


Many women chose not to wear hats on a regular basis in this era so the millinery industry set about creating variety and extravagance. The hats remained small and close to the head. They were now touted as the essential accessory to complete the ensemble. The 'Pancake' or 'Cart wheel' hats sat flat atop the head reviving turn of the century styles. The 'Lampshade' hat fashioned by Audrey Hepburn in 1957's Funny face features a medium-to-tall round crown, and a brim that flares outwards over the ears. 


In the 60s the hair was bigger and it was the era of the mod, so small, round pill box made iconic by Jackie O were in fashion. 


Big floppy hat became a staple of the 70s when style icon Faye Dunaway and Bridget bardot beegan wearing them . Floppy hats were adorned with silk flowers and paired floral cotton dresses for garden parties or wide bands of ribbons and subtle hints of tulle gave a classy look to it.

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