Thursday, 22 May 2014

Eyeglasses Through the Years


The 1920s eyewear is characterised by their round shape. They were made in gold, silver or with celluloid covering the rims and sometimes the temples. 


Plastic eyeglasses began to take a more prominent role. Cat eyes, with their upswept design became a staple for women and were worn by icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. These glasses were sometimes adorned with artful designs and rhinestones. 


Eyeglasses in 1960s were dominated by huge, bue-eyed, oversized sunglasses with iconic women like first lady Jacqueline Kennedy and actress Brigitte Bardot sporting them while the men sported wayfarer style glasses worn by the likes of Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. 


The disco era of 1970s brought about sunglasses in big size with plastic, wire and rimless frames. The lens were varied in different colours. John Lennon round glasses were loved by everyone.


The fashion of the 1980s brought about colourful, plastic stand-out frames in glasses and the "Top Gun" aviator sunglasses saw a sale jump of 40% in Ray-Ban aviators. 


Wired round glasses were popular for women in the 1990s as sported by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
whereas Sporty-looking glasses were popular for the guys such as the one sported by Will Smith in Men in Black.

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