Thursday, 1 May 2014

Face Painting: Beginner's Guide

At Fun 'N' Frolic, we stock a variety of face paints so we thought of making this beginner's guide to face painting. We are gonna start off with the basic tools and techniques to remember in this post.

Face Paint Kits 

Face paint kits
As a beginner, its cheaper to get your hands on one of these face paint kits which have most of the colors in a palette so you can practice on any willing person and have fun practicing different looks.
Cost: £3 - £6  


It's easier to apply the paint using a sponge. Cut it into wedges so that its easier to apply on the face. The sponge is useful for putting on the base color.                                                                                               Cost: 59 pence for pack of 2


 Brush set

Brushes are used to draw the details such as whiskers, lines or as a border.   Cost: £3.79 for pack of 3 styles 

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