Friday, 23 May 2014

Summer Party Theme: Under the Sea

The sun might be out in UK for now but that doesn't mean we have to stop partying. Throw a 'Under the Sea' party so you can corporate the rain to your fun.


Get creative. We absolutely love this quirky party invite inside a bottle from the little-irish blog.


Think 'Little Mermaid', blue backdrops, coral reefs, fishes, crustaceans. There are plenty of ideas you can do to create a fun venue.

Here are some balloon ideas you might like to try out. Blow up white balloons to create a backdrop of bubbles or go one step further and get someone to create a seahorse or octopus made up of balloons. If you want things to be way simpler then get a fish or fish shaped balloon stand.


Apart from balloons, you can get your hands on inflatables and hang them up from a ceiling if you don't want it to pop at the end of the day.

There's lot more you can do with the decor, jellyfish can be created using a simple paper lantern, get the DIY information here

Don't want the hassle of creating your own decor, then there are pre-made backdrops available at most party store. Our store has few ranges in stock if you are thinking of throwing 'under the sea' party.


The theme calls for fish shaped food as seen below. Get all the information on how to create them from chickabug blog,


What's a party without fancy dress theme to it? Dress up as mermaids, mermen, fishes, octopus, jellyfish and other sea life. Its all about creativity in this theme. Here are some cute mermaid outfits that your little ones would love: 

or try your hands out on this jellyfish costume from to stand out from the crowd.

Enjoy getting creative for this theme. Have fun! 

If you are planning an event and you want balloon decorations, then give us a call: 0800 294 1130 and speak to our friendly staff. We do balloon arches, stand and even create a seahorse if you want us to. For more information visit our site:

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  1. Under the sea Summer Party theme!! It sounds quite interesting and enjoyable especially for kids. I wish I could have hosted such a party for my kiddos. Anyway, very soon we are going to attend a frozen themed birthday bash of my niece at one of most famous venues Chicago. My kids are quite eager for this family event!