Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Eurovision Party: Fancy Dress Ideas

Eurovision Song Contest is in full swing with the final on May 10th, Saturday  and its steady popularity  in the UK has given rise to a number of Eurovision fancy dress parties and we never say no to fancy dress parties.

If you are stuck on what you want to dress up as, there are plethora of choices; you could go dressed as a previous contestants, their  costumes has never failed to amaze or the simplest and easiest way to go is dressed as one of the countries and there are plenty of choices at Fun 'N' Frolic.

The Big Five countries that are always in the finals are easily recognizable:

left: Fever all that Glitters Rule Britannia Costume  , right: Premium Morphsuit: Union Jack Flag at  

left: Fever French Maid, right: French Man Set at 

left: Oktoberfest Male Costume, right: Oktoberfest Female Costume  at
left: Roman Soldier Tunic Costume , right: Roman Empress Costume at

Zorro Costume at
Whatever you decide to wear, have fun with it.
For people who are not up for fancy dress, get your hands on flags or mask of Britain and other countries here.
Get all the deets on Eurovision here

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