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Checklist for the 1920s Flapper Look

The 1920s are remembered as the decade of the Flappers because after the constraint of the first world war, women became financially independent, went out to work, went out to parties and enjoyed themselves. To create the fun 1920s flapper look, we have put together a checklist of all the things you'll need:


The dresses of the 20s were long, drop waist, loose fitting, usually sleeveless or a v-shaped back and front. Many of the dresses were covered in beads or beaded fringe so that the movement of the fringe would swish and jingle while dancing the Charleston.  Here are some of the ranges of dresses in our store and online:

Accessories played a key role in defining the 1920s look because without it, the dress would be simply a dress. The right accessories can make your look stand out from the crowd at any party or event.


The 1920's hats were all about the 'cloche', a hat shaped like a bell that is meant to be pulled completely over the head and down to the eyebrows.


Headbands are great to recreate the 1920s flapper look. Tie a thin scarf or satin belt around your head above your browline and knot it at the back or tuck in and add a feather if you like.


The hairstyle that reigned supreme in the 1920s were the bob hairstyle and the big decision many women faced of their hair was 'to bob or not to bob'. If you already have a bob hairstyle then you are half way done, however if you want to try a bob hairstyle without cutting it off then try a wig for that authentic 1920s look, we have a few ranges of bob hair and wavy flapper hair wig available.

If your hair is long and you don't fancy a wig then try a chignon. This means creating a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and twisting the hair into a bun shape that you can pin in place. Get all the information on how to create a 1920s hairstyle at howtohairgirl website.


The shoes were sturdy with round closed toes and medium chunky heel. Kitten heels or stilettos were not invented yet. Go for a shoe with round closed toe and a t-bar strap or buckle for authenticity.

Illustration of 1920s shoes


Pearl necklace was a big thing, long strands of them wrapped in any length around the neck.

 Make up

source: Vintage Dancer 


Clutch purse was popular in the era as they used to only carry lipstick, powder and a small amount of cash. Materials for handbags were all sort of leathers and also steel mesh and metal boxes. Shoulder straps wasn't prevalent during those times.

Vintage ad on handbags 
So, if you want to dress up as a flapper for a fancy dress or any event, then get yourself down to Fun 'N' Frolic or you can browse all our ranges online:

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