Friday, 16 May 2014

Group Costumes for Summer Festivals

We are gearing up for summer festivals and its  all about sun, music and having fun with friends that may or may not involve dressing up. However if you and your friends are  for dressing up in fancy dress and making a memorable impact, here are some ideas for a great group costumes to stand out from the crowd. 


Dress up as the Superhero Groups a la Justice League, Avengers or the Power Rangers. Its a great way to break the ice with your fellow festival goers as well as easy to spot your group in a crowd but make sure to avoid latex. 

TV/ Movie

Its easier to dress up as characters from the TV series or a movie for a group: think 'Baywatch' the costumes are comfortable and recognisable with its red and yellow; and you can pretend to save somebody from drowning in the crowd.


Go as one single animal for the whole group so you can be a pack or go as different animals; either way, you'll be able to spot your friends easily. 

Angry Birds

Play 'Angry Birds' in real life by dressing up as different angry bird characters and pigs as long as nobody gets hurt.  


The simplest way to do festival fancy dress for a group  is to don one of these morphsuit. Its easy to pack, wear and move about in. As a group, you can go dressed up in one single colour or in a rainbow of different colour choices. 

We know that not everybody likes to don fancy dress in festivals but you can have fun with different accessories. Follow our pinterest board below to get more ideas: 

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